Area Rugs

Area Rugs- An ultimate flooring choice

The floor covering with rugs looks easy but it is quite a tough job. One has to ensure many things before purchasing the area rug. For example, one has to look at fabric, color, patterns, designs, colors and many other things. If you want to make the selection process easy then you should choose who is offering a wide variety of area rugs all across the UAE. We have different modern and traditional area rugs in our stores. All are unique and they can provide an eye-catching look to the floor.

If you exactly know which rug you want, we will provide it to you. If you do not know then you don’t have to worry. Visit us and tell us about the theme of the space where you want to place an area rug. Our experts will recommend your best styles of area rugs for your space.

Types of Area Rugs 


  • Wool Area Rugs

When it comes to the natural fabric rugs, the wool rug is top in the list. The wool rugs are soft and luxury rugs, which are best for the living room and bedroom, where there is a need for extra comfort. We import wool from the different countries of the word. The use of original wool makes our wool rugs special and strong. Where wool rugs are considered expensive rugs, we are providing them at reasonable prices.

  • Cotton Area Rugs

Those who are searching for the environmental-friendly materials, we have cotton rugs for them. Cotton rugs are strong, cozy and hold dyes. These rugs are versatile and available in different patterns and colors. If you want a functional and beautiful rug in low-budget then you can consider our cotton rug.

  • Sisal Area Rugs

Our sisal area rug is another environmentally-friendly area rug. Our manufacturers do not use any chemical and that’s why our sisal area rugs are non-allergic and non-toxic. You can easily clean them by vacuuming.  They will improve the air quality in your home. 

  • Shaggy Area Rugs

If you are looking for rugs for the high traffic area you can go with our shaggy rugs. These rugs can handle heavy foot traffic. The reason for their durability is their low pile and tight construction. We assure you that our shaggy rugs are resistant to dust and stains, which require less cleaning time.

  • Printed Area Rugs

We at are offering printed area rugs for those customers who want to place the rug in their colorful room. These rugs are available in a lot of patterns and colors. You can add a splash of color in the room with our printed area rugs. They are high in demand because of their easy-care nature and strength.

Why Choose Us ?

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. No matter how many times you buy from us, you won’t see any difference in our quality. On the other hand, our prices are budget-friendly. Then what are you waiting for? Contact us and tell us your requirements.