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Decoration of the floors with soft and comfortable carpets bring back the idea of joining different coloRed Carpet Squares or tiles together instead of single peace. Carpet Squares are the modern and elegant alternative to the traditional carpet rolls. Not only used at residential places, Carpet Squares are widely used at commercial places like schools and restaurants for enhancing the charm and grace. Being the pioneer of carpet manufacturers in the Gulf region, produces and supply the finest quality of Carpet Squares or tiles.

Our Carpet Squares for stairs are the most demandable option in all the Gulf region that provide safety at stairs. As they come in tiles or blocks, it is a beautiful idea to place different colored or patterned Carpet Squares at each step of stairs. We offer printing facility on our Carpet Squares For Sale that may include logos or specific designs on customized Carpet Squares.

Features of Carpet Squares

Our manufacturers are highly advised to provide amazing quality to our customers with proper backing material on Carpet Squares. Backing material is highly important and it may include olefin, polypropylene, fiber glass or vinyl for the durability and moisture resistant quality. The following features of our Carpet Squares have been very famous all across the UAE.

Self-Designing of Floor

Carpet Squares are available in tiles or blocks so our customers are free to choose self-designing of floor by selecting different textured and patterned Carpet Squares. Having the Best team of designers, we assure that our e-stores are enriched with thousands of latest and modern Carpet Squares For Sale.

Easy to Install

We have designed Carpet Squares in such way to provide easy installation to our customers. We paste adhesive at the back of Carpet Squares during manufacturing which is covered by plastic sheet that can be removed any time to place Carpet Squares on the flooring.

Easy to Clean and Maintenance

Our Carpet Squares retain their luster and shining by regular cleaning. We make sure that it is very easy to clean Carpet Squares for stairs and for flooring through vacuuming process in order to remove dust from the surface. In case of stains, simple washing or rubbing with damp piece of cloth with home detergent will work Best and hair dryer can be used for drying the spotted area. For replacing any tile or block of Carpet Squares then it is also very easy without disturbing the whole flooring.

Environment Friendly

We ensure that our Carpet Squares For Sale are completely designed and produced to fulfill the requirement of eco-friendly product. We make sure that our Carpet Squares are anti-bacterial, allergy free and provide good normal breathing atmosphere for the asthma patients.


Over the decades, we’ve become the preferred choice of the majority due to our exclusive services that includes; on-time delivery of the product and amazing quality. The reputation that we hold in the entire industry today is only because of the training sessions that we make our experts to attend to enhance their expertise in the field. The competitiveness they’ve achieved is what enhances the value of our services. Grab the sample, discuss the ideas and get hold onto the amazing pattern for the Carpet Square that you’ve been looking for!

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