Cow Hides- A Comfortable Masterpiece


If you have bought your home or you are doing a renovation, designing and decorating and if you don’t have a definite vision of what you are looking for then officecarpet.ae is there to solve your problems.  We have so many design styles you can choose from. It is just a matter of deciding what type of aesthetic you prefer.

To help you out, we have listed our most popular interior design styles.

Full Grain

It is the finest of all of our leathers. We have only had the hair removed from the epidermis. The surface is natural and has not been split or buffed to conceal imperfections. The backs of this leather show no artificial color, but natural. It is the only finest quality cowhides that we have reserved for this category of leather.

Top Grain

This leather has been buffed and is generally treated with full pigment color. Our top and high-quality grade treatments are applied to leathers that contain prevalent scars and other defects related to harmful environmental exposure.


We have derived this cowhide from middle and lower layers of the epidermis. We exclusively use this leather to make suede or corrected-grain leathers which are covered in a fully pigmented polyurethane coating. You can buy our corrected grain leathers as two finish types: semi-aniline and pigmented cowhides.

Tanning Processes

There are three most common tanning processes we use in fashion and accessory designs: 

1) Vegetable tan 

2) Chrome tan 

3) Vegetable Re-tan.

Vegetable Tan— We produce vegetable tanned leather by using ingredients found in nature which are most commonly plants and vegetables matter, tree bark, leaves, fruits and other similar products. This is the most environmentally responsible process of tanning leather that we use, and is also less harmful to the leather itself. It allows skins to maintain their fixed fiber structure, resulting in better wear over time. These leathers will burnish, resulting in a desirable patina appearance that continues to progress over time.

Chrome Tan— In this process we use chromium sulfate which results in soft leather, keeping its look unchanged for the lifespan of the product. The chrome tab process allows us for more vibrant colors and a soft, supple hand.

Vegetable Re-tan— This process allows our leather to maintain its strength, durability, and some burnishing while adding a softer and supplier hand.

Which animal sources for our leather?


We use any animal hide or skin that can be processed or tanned to produce leather. Our animal source used is often a by-product of the regional food chain. Our mechanical and chemical processing of the skin render a variety of characteristics suitable for several applications. Our leather from small animals is defined as skins while those from larger animals are called cowhides. The terms are often interchangeable.

Why choose officecarpet.ae?


Our leather offers a wide variety of textures, grains, durability, comfort, maintenance, cost, water resistance, weight, pliability, softness, and appearance. We work regularly in maintaining our high-quality products and reputation world-wide.