Wooden Doors- Give natural touch

It requires something creative and tons of effort in order to décor the home well. Of course, doors play an important role in the setting of the interior and the look of the exterior. When it comes to the best materials for the door, wood is a common and popular material. Wooden doors are aesthetically appealing, look natural and classy. We at officecarpet.ae are providing high-quality wooden doors to our customers. Whether you are looking for doors for the restaurants, houses, resorts or offices, our wooden doors are best for every place. 

Features of wooden doors

We assure you that our wooden doors are unique and they contain a lot of features which are as follows.

  • Variety of styles and colors

We all know wood is a pure, natural and classic material. There are different types of wood. So, we are offering wooden doors in different types and styles. Every style provides a different appearance than others. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, modern or traditional décor, we have different options for each décor. We have a huge collection of color in our store. We can paint wooden doors in any color for you. If you want to give a realistic look then we can provide the wooden doors with grain on it. 

  • Durable

Those who are searching for the high-quality and durable doors, can go with our wooden doors. We believe in using top-quality wood in the manufacturing of these doors. Due to these reasons our wooden doors do not affect the temperature changes. These doors are rest free and have a long life. Irrespective of the weather, they remain in their original shape. 

  • Insulator

Our wooden doors are the great insulator. In both weathers, they help in making the indoor temperature stable. The heat cannot pass through our doors and in winter these doors will restrict the cool breeze outside. 

  • Water-Resistant Doors

Officecarpet.ae is offering water-resistant wooden doors to its customers. If you are a wood lover and want to install these doors in all the rooms of your place. Come to us. We will provide you water-resistant wooden doors to you for the washrooms, kitchens and the basement. 

  • Low Maintenance

Our wooden doors do not require you much time and effort for the care. Their care is very easy. Just you have to spend some minutes once a week. Take a small bowl of warm water then add a small amount of dish soap in it. Dip an abrasive sponge in the mixture and clean the dirty area of the door. After it, use a dry cloth and give the finish cleaning touch.


Why are we better than our rivals?


Our brand is getting popular and the demand of our products are increasing day-by-day. We believe in providing long-lasting products to our customers without charging too much. We think this is what makes the customers trust us. For any query, you can contact us. Our representatives will guide you.