Drapery Curtains – Bring Life in your room

A drapery curtain is window treatment with a formal cloth. It is made up of a piece of cloth with schematic folds and woven patterns hanging loosely with the wall. In interior designing, drapery curtains are the focal point of your space. You can find light filtering, blackout and sheer drapery curtains on our online store officecarpet.ae. We can give an attractive and outstanding look to your room. Check out these benefits of drapery curtains of our online store.

Benefits of Drapery Curtains


Thermal Control

We provide an insulator in the form of drapery curtains, which can keep heat in rooms during the winter season by sunlight and colder air during summer season. 

Elevate Room Look

Drapery curtains of our brand look gorgeous and give a beautiful feeling of comfort and perfection. Their sophisticated look elevates the mood of homeowners.

Tie Overall decor together

When you’ll work with us, your home will be transformed in architectural styles. Colors you currently have in space and type of furniture already presented in your home can be kept in view while making a custom choice. When you transform your room, you always keep future decorations in view to make decisions. If you are working with us for your home decor then we’ll suggest you to use drapery curtains in multiple rooms to tie other decorations together throughout your home.

Highly Durable

Our custom window treatment can last two or three times more than ready-made curtains you purchase from stores. Our manufacturers make sure to purchase the best quality material while manufacturing drapery curtains.

Custom choice

You can easily go and choose material whatever you want from a departmental store but what if it does not fit the background decoration of your space? Then you should contact us to make your choice not to choose from already-made. We offer custom choice to our customers for their entire satisfaction. You can select a color of your taste, a suitable material to your space and patterns of your choice.

Affordable option

What if you find the best things in a store but you can buy them by putting heavy stress on your pocket? You’ll leave them heartlessly. You should not compromise upon your choice because your choice is the best. Do you want uniqueness and glory in the same product of your choice in low expenses? Come to us, we’ll help you. Officecarpet.ae is offering its customers a high quality product with highly flexible styles and designs at affordable prices. 

Why should you buy from officecarpet.ae?


We are most preferred in Abu Dhabi for drapery curtains because we give a custom choice to our customers. Our motto is ‘impossible can be nothing and you can make it your way’ so people come to us to get things in their way. Drapery Curtains are the focal point of any space, they can be installed in bed rooms, living rooms, offices, meeting rooms and restaurants for making them look good. We provide the best drapery curtains within your pocket range. Contact us to get drapery curtains your way.