Duplex Blinds

Duplex Blinds

Duplex Blinds

When it comes to home décor or office décor, window treatments are said to hold the equal importance. It is obvious that none would plan to have windows remain uncovered. Instead would look for some of the effective solutions. The two basic solutions that are popularly recognized and paid greater attention towards include window blinds or window curtains. No matter what you choose to have it installed at your premises, the solution would serve as an addition to the entire outlook of the area. Just planned to give your office room a mesmerizing appearance to enhance your business? Why not selecting to have Duplex Blinds installed instead of the regular curtains? Duplex Blinds are also referred to as the double roller blinds that offers both an open and close position at the same position, relating to the solid weave of the fabric. At officecarpet.ae, we are continuously struggling to maintain our leadership position by providing Professional ly-designed Duplex Blinds in distinctive patterns and designs with both the open and closed effect from the movement of the shade up or down.

Advantages of Duplex Blinds 

Convenience of use

Alongside being stylish and simple to be consumed, Duplex Blinds are perfectly recognized for being both simple and stylish at the same time. Being operated by the chain mechanism, Duplex Blinds are much easy when it comes to its usage.


Although officecarpet.ae equips a wide range of readymade blinds, our representatives also provides the customizable blinds. The Best usage of these Duplex Blinds is that these need not to be folded completely upwards for the sunshine or downwards for blackout. The rolls within the blinds let these serve as blackout blinds as well.


Also said as the mixture of two, these blinds are easy to afford as being made available in number of colors, these work well in every environment. The flexibility of the amount charge goes well with the quality being offered. The price we charge also matches the longevity of the product that we offer.

Why officecarpet.ae?

At officecarpet.ae, we are serving as a team, recognized worldwide for providing the reliable quality of multiple blinds including motorized, vertical, roman, customized, etc. With the benefit of letting the owners also get the similar fabric for upholstery, cushions, etc. So it does not matter if you are looking forward to place your order in bulk or for just one single blind for your room, our representatives would deliver the durable solution at your doorstep with free of cost installation service all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our anti-fire blind feature helps us in using the blinds as a protective shield in case of emergencies. Grab the unique design for your office room and help yourself in getting your style of product at the flexible price.