Office Carpets Tiles Dubai

Office carpet tiles- An Impressive Pathway

Our carpet tiles at officecarpet.ae are all manufactured in many different qualities and finishes. It is vitally important to have all this information when choosing our correct carpet tiles for your office.  We have outlined some types and designs for you when choosing your carpet tiles.

There are three main structures of carpet tiles

  1. Tufted Cut Pile Carpet Tiles
  2. Tufted Loop Pile Carpet Tiles
  3. Needle Punch Carpet Tiles


Our tufted carpet tiles are manufactured from Polypropylene or nylon yarn in either loop pile or cut pile construction.

Nylon yarn piles weigh about 500 to1200 grams per meter square which is best for this method of construction.

Loop Pile

Loop pile polypropylene carpet tiles are not generally suitable for heavy use areas, but can be manufactured used in moderate to general utilization areas or domestic areas.

The quality of the carpet tile depends on the type of yarn, the structure and the pile weight you wish to buy. 

Needle Punch

Needle Punch carpet tiles are mainly made from polypropylene yarn.  Its weight can range from 400gm2 to 1500gm2.  This method of construction can give you a rib knob or velour finish which is the best structure when using polypropylene yarn.

Tessera carpet tiles

This carpet selling at our store is renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. These carpet tiles are comfortable, durable and noise reducing.

Modularity with carpet tiles 

Nowadays modern office environments with open systems are designed for flexibility to accommodate frequent layout changes. Our modular flooring can be quickly adapted to new requirements thereby reducing the cost of reorganization.

Advantages of our modular carpet tiles

  • Our designs are color coordinate for maximum design flexibility
  • Any damaged or soiled tiles can be replaced
  • Wear rotation to extend flooring lifespan
  • Renovation with minimal disruption

Hard-Backed Carpet Tile

If you install our hard-backed carpet tiles, the carpet fibers directly absorb the impact of foot traffic, rolled traffic, and furniture. This means our fibers are subjected to bear the wear and tear, and can mean the appearance of the tiles deteriorates relatively quickly.

Cushion-Backed Carpet Tile

In these tiles, the cushioning absorbs the impact of foot traffic which reduces the impact on the carpet fibers and protects the fibers from everyday wear and tear.

Printed Carpet Tile

Our printed carpet tile uses a process called digital dye injection, using the dyes and fixing processes as yarn dyeing. However, the dye is injected after the carpet tile has been constructed with the dye and penetrates directly into the carpet fiber.

This makes it promising to create accurate, high-definition patterns and color gradations that simply can’t be recreated using other dyeing methods.

Why Choose officecarpet.ae?

With all these flexibility, we’re sure that whatever is your specification or budget, you’ll find exactly what you need in our carpet tile portfolio. We offer a vast variety of carpet tiles suitable for your spaces.