Outdoor wooden pergolas- An eye-catching beauty

Pergolas add beauty to your outdoors. They are garden structures that offer shade, and comfort outside your home. Our thoughtfully designed pergola at officecarpet.ae will provide character to your Outdoor wooden space, and define a separate area from the rest of the garden. 

We have different pergola designs to match your needs. It is a relaxing corner, a cozy garden for readers, and an Outdoor wooden dining area. Look at the different Outdoor wooden pergolas we offer.

Cedar and Reclaimed Barn Wood

After completing the interior renovations of this, we added a limestone patio sheltered by a natural cedar pergola trimmed with reclaimed barn wood. Our pergola defines a curvaceous patio and rear entry while providing architectural interest and texture.

Southwestern Patio

Connecting to three exterior walls of this, the rugged-beamed pergola shelters the area into a courtyard-style patio. Not only does it unify the area, but also helps the roof to cool down. It helps to cut down on air conditioning use.

Outdoor Dining

It is built between two outside walls. This pergola takes on an arbor-like role in that it supports vines. We designed this for relaxation and dining purposes.

Light-Filtering Pergola

This pergola design helps the south-facing Outdoor wooden space which is located directly off the interior living areas. It filters the strong southern light and also serves to animate the space as the sun moves from east to west throughout the day.

Pergola in Paradise

Our next design features transitions from indoors to Outdoor wooden. From any angle, the view is breathtaking. Whether it’s the turquoise sea or carefully selected native plants throughout the landscape.  It is supported by stone-covered posts, the wood beams are flat, and do not block the view. 

Hot Tub Hideaway

While this pergola doesn’t project too far from the backyard: however, it does serve an important purpose. We designed this to provide shelter and privacy for the homeowners’ hot tub. It was designed and built by our experts and was created carefully. 

Pergola in a Petite Space

Our designers cleverly worked around the challenge of a small space by incorporating a pool house, spa, and a pergola. The custom-built steel trellis was welded from steel pipe. 

In addition, another part was sitting on a custom wood and concrete bench. The challenge of working with limited space, with smart design, or using vertical space was done in order to give it a worth look.

Custom Shades

Instead of using 2 by 2-foot slats, we created a solution that was custom-fabricated with Roman solar shading panels that provide filtered shade. It is made of phifer shading material that blocks out about 90 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. To clean, you just hose off as per need. Our panels help to cool down your interior, saving energy by cutting down on air conditioner use.

Why choose us?


Officecarpet.ae has been working since decades and is constantly producing high-quality pergolas. Our motive is to make your home look like a Palace. You won’t be disappointed after buying from us.