Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring- A smooth ground


    There are timeless and classic patterns at and always look up to the mark.

    Our popular styles include traditional herringbone or chevron. We have more modern styles that are marrying traditional parquet patterns with tiles or glamorous brass inlay.

    The most popular ones are Herringbone and Chevron.


    This style is where it all began. It’s no surprise that this style has stood the test of time and it is ideal. If you love, Herringbone can be created using either smaller planks of wood or wider ones. It really depends on the look that you’re hoping to achieve and we are ready to give.

    Our herringbone patterns can be installed at different angles, this is all down to your choice, but different angles portray different vibes. If your herringbone is laid at a 90-degree angle then it provides a more subdued and structured feel to the room, apart from this, it is easier to install.


    Another classic style of our parquet flooring is Chevron. It is the one that most people are familiar with due to its infamous ‘V’ shape.

    We use a trick behind Chevron in which we make a smaller space seem much wider. Another great thing about this style is its ability to work well along with light and dark wood tones. Our flooring works perfectly well with other trends too, like a minimalist or an industrial. Our chevron will be a great accompaniment to your interiors.


    Our vintage look has really taken off over the last few years, and there’s no exception when it comes to floors.

    Whether your floor is reclaimed or unfinished, we designed this look that remains like that for some time. One of the main features of our rustic flooring is the knots that come within the boards are what really gave it the look.

    Aside from being beautiful, our rustic floors are also practical for day to day life, so if you’re looking for something easy but also purse-friendly then this is an ideal option.

    Here are some benefits of having our flooring.

    1. Appealing Appearance

    Our parquet flooring has a sophisticated look that can be switched up to many styles, tastes, and looks you desire. As the pieces of wood are arranged to create a pattern, you can choose which will appeal to you.

    1. Easy to Clean

    It is one of the best options when it comes to cleaning. Regular sweeping and mopping will do the job. If there’s a spill, wipe it up. Our parquet will not hold stains or odors easily. 

    1. Durable

    Our parquet flooring will be durable and will do good with everyday use. As it’s made of hardwood, it is strong and offers a long lifespan, as much as fifty years.


    Why choose us?


    One of the best things about parquet flooring is that it comes in so many different styles; the choice is entirely up to you. We also design customized flooring, giving customers versatility.