Cow hides are typically called the pores and skin of the cow, that’s natural. Cow hides are very famous for the leather that we acquire from them to make various by way of merchandise like rugs, wallets, belts, boot, and purses. The skin is organised by way of the sizes, colors and high-quality it has. Because each product created from it needs a distinctive sort of leather. The low pleasant hides are dyed or colored to fit a tiger or zebra pores and skin. And the high-magnificence hides are saved certainly untouched. The rugs acquired from the cow hides are being broadly used as wall and floor decors. They have got come to be the maximum popular item in redecorating the homes, cafes and restaurants also. The cow pores and skin is now being extensively used for the decoration and has end up a favourite for the indoors designers to bring a shine of their beautification.

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