At one time the use of machineries changed into out of imagination. But, the commercial revolution of eighteenth to 19th century changed everything. In truth, it supplied us with a new dimension in our methods to generate our daily vital matters. Previous to business revolution human beings produced their vital matters with the assist in their arms. Especially, girls were worried in making hand-crafted things. As a ways as handmade rugs are involved, girls kept a essential position in making them popular among the overall hundreds. But, after invention of machines human beings began to decide on objects manufactured by means of machines as the manufacturing price of these goods became some distance lower than the hand-crafted matters. Because of the developing tendency of the use of machineries, the production of handmade things -specifically handmade rugs- began to reduce. At gift, very few human beings are concerned in making this form of rugs. In reality, it is rarely conceivable that people will use handmade rugs in close to destiny. Despite the fact that they wish to there will hardly ever be anybody to produce ones considering the fact that there are selected few human beings expert in making these rugs.

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