PVC Skirting- Your Steps Matter

Our PVC skirting, at officecarpet.ae, is the best thing for your floors which have many functions. You can either add it to your floor by providing protection or use it for decorative purposes. We can provide distinctive PVC skirting. It is available with an extensive range of PVC skirting along with maximum performance and maintenance. You can choose between set-in, sit on the flat as per demand. If you want to add unique designs and patterns, then our store is the best option for your desired floor layout. 

We have various types of PVC at our store.


Choosing PVC marble wall panel and benefits


  1. Water-proofing and moisture-proofing

Our product is allowed for long-term exposure to the moist environment. The test results prove that when this material is immersed in water for one month, it keeps its original shape without deformation and its dry-wet deforming ratio is 0%.

  1. Problem-free

Our PVC marble wall panel offers good insulation against bugs, fungus and corrosion. It can last for a long-time without corroding.

  1. Easy to construct

Our UV board is easy to cut, saw nails, and stick. It has a smooth finish on one side that can be connected, ready for decoration including wallpaper, painting, texture coat, and for tiling.

  1. Environment-friendly

Our PVC wall panel does not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, oils, or any other toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the environment.

  1. Advanced Equipment

The marble panel has the advantages of accurate size, uniform density, and a smooth surface.

  1. UV Coated

Our panel is processed by UV with an added protective layer that will strengthen color gloss, wear-resistance, and fade-less.

PVC for Cold Rooms

The main purpose of our PVC skirting floor is to connect the metal sandwich panel wall to the floor. It is an aesthetic and a clean way. By leaning on the sandwich wall panel, the skirting takes on a main task in a cold room. It helps to keep corners clean by draining dirt to the floor. 

Moreover, another important function we provide is to protect the sandwich panel wall from hits made by handling goods.


Now you know about PVC skirting and how to choose the best PVC skirting for any purpose. We have explained how to gain benefit from PVC Skirting. If you would like to get a consultation, do not hesitate to contact our team.


Why choose us?


We, officecarpet.ae, are one of the best sellers of skirting PVC where you can consider the advantages of skirting you buy from us. We offer the high-quality conventional PVC skirting with extreme sturdy, simple to join and necessarily support free. You can consider us or contact us for more info. Our team is always ready to provide you details or answer any queries just to make sure you are fully satisfied.

Our skirting will surely leave an eye-catching impact on you and your guests.