Rug Cleaning Tips.

Rugs play an important role in making a house worthy and attractive. They provide the finishing touch to the house that seems to be missing in the house. But the question here is that, why would you hire someone to get your rug cleaned when you can do this on your own easily? Instead of spending a fortune to get your rug cleaned professionally, follow these simple steps. 


  • Get your tools and supplies.

First of all, make a list of all the things you’ll need to get your rug cleaned. Then gather all of them one by one. Basically, you’ll need the following things:

  • A vacuum 
  • Rug shampoo (or you can use mild dish soap)
  • A soft-bristle brush
  • Water (obviously)
  • A pair of gloves (optional)

  • Remove dirt from both sides.

To get started, you must vacuum the rug thoroughly first and don’t forget the rear-side. First, clean the fiber side and then the rear side. You can use the brush attachment to remove any pet hair. Whack it against some solid surface to make sure that all the dirt and debris is gone.

  • Do a patch test

You can either use a rug shampoo or add a couple of cap-full of any mild liquid dish soap to a slightly warm bucket of water (make sure it’s not too much warm as it can cause shrinkage of fibers or fading of colors).Now test your cleaner on any corner of your rug to make sure it does not cause the color to run, if it doesn’t you are ready to proceed!

  • Wash and Rinse

Now with the help of a soft-bristle brush or a sponge, scrub the store-bought shampoo or home-made cleaning deep into the rug, but you must not over-saturate the rug with the product too. Then let the cleaner sit for a few minutes before you start to rinse it. Make sure that the entire cleaner product is out of the rug, and the final run-off water is crystal clear.

  • Let it dry

The second last step is to let your rug dry. A squeegee can be helpful in this step. This tool is actually used for cleaning the windows. But if you don’t have one, no worries, you can just lay your rug flat on a clean surface and let the upper side dry first. Then flip it over to get the other side dried too. Fans can also be beneficial to speed up the process. Make sure your rug is thoroughly dry before you bring it back to your room.

  • Vacuum the Rug

Now pull your rug back into its place and vacuum it one last time. This is because, during the cleaning process, the fibers can get flattened, compacted and squished. Bring them back to life by running the vacuum over it. Now you can enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet!

This time eventually comes, when your rug needs a deep and thorough cleaning when the stains are piling up. Fortunately, you’ll not need to hire a professional and spend lots of money on it if you follow the easy above mentioned steps.