Silk Curtains


Silk Curtains – Texture of Elegance

Various shades give your home inside a one of a kind vibe by controlling the measure of daylight that enters and affecting the shading plan of the room. A few variables to consider incorporate the toughness of the texture, the surface, the shading or example, the length, and even the simplicity of cleaning it. 

Silk curtains are heavier and curtains well, settling on it a perfect decision for lavish or sentimental inside stylistic theme like a conventional lounge area or in rooms. In any case, silk curtains are costly and must be cleaned by cleaning, so it is prescribed to connect with a drapery cleaning proficient. But with you get the best advantage when you go for our silk curtains for sale. Our silk curtains provides you the best benefit of minimal maintenance.

Features of Our Silk Curtains

  • Composition: The silk fiber for silk curtains are essentially made out of 80% of fibroin, which is protein in nature and 20% of sericin, which is generally called as silk gum. 
  • Strength: Silk as a fiber, has great rigidity, which enables it to withstand extraordinary pulling pressure. Silk in our silk curtains for sale is the most grounded characteristic fiber and has moderate scraped spot opposition. The quality of the tossed yarns is for the most part because of the constant length of the fiber. 
  • Elasticity: Silk fiber used in silk curtains is a flexible fiber and might be extended to its unique length before breaking. It will in general come back to its unique size yet continuously loses little of its versatility. This would imply that the texture would be less listing and less restricting bringing about the wearers comfort. 
  • Resiliencesilk curtains hold their shape and have moderate protection from wrinkling. Textures that are produced using short staple spun silk have less versatility. 
  • Heat Conductivity: Silk is a protein fiber and is a non-conductor of warmth like that of fleece. This makes silk curtains appropriate for winter attire. 

Why Choose Us ?

  1. provides you with ultimate benefits of Silk curtain Dubaifrom quality to prices, we do all with care.
  2. Silk curtains are light in weight which is why they are easy to be installed as they only require a light curtain light to hold them, without nailing wooden plane to the wall.
  3. We provide you all possible services to help you find out your desired choice. We provide in-home consultant who come with sample at your house to guide you, which style, designs and color go best with your décor. 
  4. We make anti-fire curtains and also make same fabric cushion, upholstery matches with your interior.
  5. Silk curtains brings glamour in a space with good combination of the material used, selection of the complimenting color and the mounting or installing location.
  6. We provide swift and responsible service provider who swiftly delivered your product on time.