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Welcome Carpets

Welcome carpets are the most needed flooring products you need to install at business places, offices, institutes, organizations, majlis and homes. The welcome text on the welcome carpets can be engraved, embroidered, printed or painted according to the substrate properties and desired style. They create an impact and profound impression over the visitor’s mind. Terrific variety of welcome carpets is available at office carpet online store. Usually welcome carpets are installed at the entrance door of your house, office or any other place. While selecting a welcome carpet you focus over the color and text style. Waterproof and water resistant welcome carpets are also in high demand due to their anti-slip and anti-static features. Wet area welcome carpets are installed at outdoor locations where here is no shelter from rain and dew. So the continues water exposure do not degrade the material and the product last for longer periods of time. If you are looking for welcome carpets in Dubai or Abu-Dhabi to decorate your office or house, visit our online welcome carpets collection or call us at 056-600-9626 for your questions and queries. We deal in all types, text styles and designs of welcome carpets in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.

Types of Welcome Carpets

From the large variety of welcome carpets we will share about some of the most selling types.

Woven Carpets

These welcome carpets are synthesized on loom and they look much like hand woven fabric. Two types of piles are used in this regard which are plush and Berber. Plush piles are actually the cut piles while the Berber pile is a loop pile. Usually the woven welcome carpets are installed outside the majlis entrance door.

Needle Felt Carpets

With the advancement in technology the needle carpets became the most selling product because of their unique look and woven texture. They are synthesized by intermingling and felting the individual fibers by the use of fork and barbed needles. This type of welcome carpets are so durable and long lasting.

Knotted Pile Carpets

Knotted pile carpets are also named as supplementary weft-cut loop pile. The supplementary weft alternate with the structural weft which gives rise to the angles to the weave surface. There are several knotting styles in which knotted pile carpets are synthesized. These are the most luxurious and detailed welcome carpets.

Tufted or Swatches Carpets

In this styles pile injected to the backing material and the obtained product is again fixed with another backing material which is usually a woven hessian weave or some good alternate. This double backing enhances the stability of the product. It is the most common technique of carpet synthesis. Welcome carpets of this type are very famous all across UAE.

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