Woodweave Blinds

Woodweave Blinds

 Classic Wood Weave Blinds For Your Home

Blinds are a main ingredient when it comes to home décor. The look of the house isn’t completed without the blinds or the curtains. If you are a lover of all things classic, we can imagine how much you would love wood weave blinds in your house. With a touch of modernism and traditional look, they are a perfect décor for your windows and even doors. With the woods or bamboos woven inside the light grainy fabric, they serve all the purposes you look in the wood weave blinds. For the best quality wood weave blinds, you should consider Office Carpet. Ae only. We are considered to be the best ones for wood weave binds

Properties of Our Wood Weave Blinds 

  • Choose from our huge range of fabrics, colors, patterns and textures of blinds.
  • You can get your logo printed on your blinds.
  • Get the blinds of your choice made from us.
  • We cater both readymade and customized blinds. 
  • They are easy to clean and wash, if needed.
  • The blinds that we have are germs and bacteria free.
  • We also provide changes in the blinds and help you move them from one place to another. 
  • The quality of our blinds speaks for itself. 
  • Our prices are affordable for everyone.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • You can buy in bulk or even single piece. 
  • We deliver your order at your doorsteps and install it as well.
  • You can check our samples before buying the real deal. 

Advantage of Our Wood Weave Blinds 


The best way to protect yourself from unwanted light from outside is through the blinds. You can lower them when you want to get rid of that extra sunlight in the summers by lowering these blinds. They are perfect for this as they have wood in them to weigh down. The grainy fabric lets in the fresh air as well. They are best for windows. 

Natural Look:

If you are looking for Wood weave blinds, we should be your first choice because the blinds that we provide are eco-friendly. They look natural as they have wood or timber in them and their shade also gives a natural look to your place. These blinds have head rails, hid sections and pelmet fold as you prefer. 


If you are a minimalism lover, the wood weave blinds are for you. They are a perfect pick for you as they give a natural and minimal look to your interior. They are wooden with fabric so they complement your furniture instantly. They match with your interior and look elegant. 

These Blinds Are Suitable For Areas Like

  • Windows
  • Rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Parlor
  • Rest rooms
  • Side patio door ways 

You should contact us today to get wood weave blinds. They are best as they provide coolness in the room in summers because of their texture. You can view our collection online and order us by call at 056-600-9626. You can also mail us at info@officecarpets.ae