Zebra Hide and Rugs

Zebra Hides and Rugs


Zebra hides rugs-an elegant touch to your home:


Zebra hides rugs are quite new in this field. They are very soft, reliable and smooth. They are perfect for a children’s room/playroom/western theme bedroom/jungle themed room/cowboy-themed nursery/under coffee table/front of fireplace. Other than use it as a rug, you could do so much more with it. It has a pad on the back that keeps it flat and slip resistant and has country/western style decor. Not a real cowhide, but a very soft, comfortable and cute look.  They are not extremely large, but are great for a smaller area. But the question is where to find them? We at officecarpet.ae provide the complete range of Zebra hides rugs in most economical and reasonable prices.



Zebra hides rugs add a new touch of elegance to your room. They are made up of Polyester fabrics. These faux cowhide zebra rugs are so soft that your feet will love it. The kids just roll all over and stretch out to feel the softness. It is in a low traffic seldom used area. For a dorm, starter apartment, or just to add some affordable style, these rugs play a key role. Plenty of more features of zebra hides rugs are described below:


  • Perfect for home:

These rugs are perfect in small living rooms/offices/kids rooms/under tables/lounge rooms and playrooms etc. For the best stuff under one shelter, you may visit our website.


  • Soft texture:

Zebra hides have a soft texture. Zebra hides rugs that we provide are completely made up of polyester which is very soft and comfortable. Furthermore, they are very convenient to use and maintain.


  • Easily affordable:

We take great care of our customers and provide the best stuff at the most reasonable and economical price. We also offer great deals on our products with exclusive discounts so that a layman could easily afford it.


  • Easy to maintain:

Zebra hides rugs are highly reliable and durable and don’t fade early. But even if they do, they are very easy to wash and maintain. You can easily and conveniently clean them with a brush without any bother or aid from outside.


  • Eco-friendly and non-slippery:

Zebra hides rugs that we offer are eco-friendly. Ecosystem is our homeland and we cannot live without it. Our rugs are eco-friendly and do not affect the atmosphere. Furthermore, our rugs are non-slippery. You can walk on them conveniently without any fear of being slipped. For exclusive discounts on these quality rugs, please visit our website.


Why should you choose us?


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